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Funny Cards, the big fun cards with laughter and humor, Humorous eCards, Humor Cards, Hilarious Situations, Funny animals, Funny Cats, College Humor, Funny Pictures, YouTube Cards, yes those are Funny Cards.

The Funny Cards are free as all e-cards within Original-Cards, in the lower part of the page are the classic Funny Cards that are send since 1996. You can add music, color, funny smiley's and funny texts, or even poems to the Funny Cards.

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Funny E-Cards, my new Apple Laptop is amazing and good priced, humor cards

Apple Laptop
Funny E-Cards, YouTube see how the Frog tries to catch the insects with hsi tongue

Frog Fail
Funny E-Cards, The real horror coaster a rollercoaster with an end, humor cards

Horror Coaster
Funny E-Cards, everybody wants to swim at the same time, humor cards

Pool Party
Funny E-Cards, doing it the easy way, make when you need it, humor cards

Easy Way
YouTube funny video Cards  Funny YouTube videos as e-card
Funny E-Cards, YouTube Swinging baby dance Who let the dogs out

Baby Dance
Funny E-Cards, YouTube e-cards Hippo Song, funny e-cards youtube

Hippo Song
Funny E-Cards, Happy Feet I Like to move it, funny e-cards youtube

Move It
Funny E-Cards, YouTube Happy Feet Macarena

Funny E-Cards, YouTube Gangsta Penguins walk it out

Gangsta Pengs
Funny E-Cards, humor video hilarious the German Coastguard in action, funny e-cards

Funny E-Cards, humor video Only Busses YouTube humor video

Only Busses
Funny E-Cards, humor video the incredible laughing Baby

Incredible Baby
Funny E-Cards, humor video Can I Help, funny e-cards

Can I Help?
Funny E-Cards, humor video We Find Everything, funny e-card

Find Everything
Funny E-Cards, humor video Flight 405 a must see, funny e-cards

Flight 405
Funny E-Cards, humor Aboriginal, funny e-cards

Funny Aboriginal
Funny E-Cards, humor video Using a Flasher to get the job done

Using Flasher
Funny E-Cards, humor video Can I Help, funny e-cards

Skateboard Dog
Funny E-Cards, humor video with Blond Brains, funny e-card

Blond Brains
Funny E-Cards, YouTube dancing parrot, funny e-cards

Dancing Parrot
Funny E-Cards, Crazy cats YouTube video

Crazy Cats
Funny E-Cards, YouTube falling woman

Falling Woman
Funny E-Cards, YouTube video woman bloopers, funny e-cards

Funny E-Cards, YouTube e-cards funny animals video cards, funny e-card

Funny Animals
Funny E-Cards, My motorized BBQ humor, cards

Funny E-Cards, Power The Heineken pool, humor cards

Funny E-Cards, Grolsch everywhere, humor cards

Funny E-Cards, Train goes the wrong way, humor cards

Wrong Way
Funny E-Cards, A hilarious Bicycle Truck, humor cards

Bicycle Truck
Funny E-Cards Ladies Mobile fun e-card ecards

Ladies Mobile
Funny E-Cards Power Waterski fun e-card

Power Waterski
Funny E-Cards emergency, driving down for help, that's fun, fun e-card

Funny E-Cards the Plumber sits already fun e-card

Funny E-Cards Yeah ofcourse those are real sportsman fun e-card

Fitness Club
Funny E-cards, Escape key is escaping again humor cards

Funny E-cards, all Meercats huh? , humor cards

Funny E-cards, mouse with a mission, humor cards

Mouse with Mission
Funny E-cards, Ronald is out for lunch, humor cards

Is that Ronald?
Funny E-cards, those are the real hot dogs, humor cards

Funny E-cards, Pinguin Alarm, humor e-cards

Pinguin Alarm
Funny E-cards, All on Train, humor e-cards

All on Train
Funny E-cards, Need a Ride, Humor cards

Need a Ride
Funny E-cards, Snow Terror, humor e-cards

Snow Terror
Funny E-cards, Dutch Dream, humor e-cards

Dutch Dream
Funny e-cards, Warning pitbull with aids

Funny e-cards, Hey Neighbor

Funny e-cards Pilots Picture say cheese, hilarious situations

Pilots Picture
Funny e-cards, Lover or Loser, college humor

Lover Loser
Funny e-cards Angels Baby, hilarious fun

Angels Baby
Funny E-cards, Toilet Office, humor cards

Toilet Office
Funny E-cards, man oh man, humor cards

Man oh Man
Funny E-cards, Pissers target is clear, humor cards

Funny E-cards, Yes bacon lives, humor cards

Bacon Lives!
Funny E-cards, a Tiger Rabbit, humor cards

Tiger Rabbit
Funny Cards with even more Funny Animals
Funny E-Cards, Gorilla Commander, animal fun stuff

Gorilla Commander
Funny E-Cards, Licking Squirl, animal fun stuff

Licking Squirl
Funny E-Cards, Zebra Rider, animal fun stuff

Zebra Rider
Funny E-Cards, the hilarious Crocobird, animal fun stuff

Funny E-Cards, Bay WatchDogs, animal fun stuff

Bay WatchDogs
Funny E-Cards animals, Chicken Squad, humor ecards

Chicken Squad
Funny E-Cards animals, cat takes a nap on a guitar, humor ecards

Guitar Cat
Funny E-Cards animals, A dog goes incognito, humor ecards

Funny E-Cards animals, Cat and Dog, humor ecards

Cat and Dog
Funny E-Cards animals, Blow Cat, humor ecards

Blow Cat
Funny E-Cards animals, Cat with Glasses, humor ecards

Cat with Glasses
Funny E-Cards animals, Doggy snow, humor ecards

Doggy Snow
Funny E-Cards animals, the Cat Sniper, humor ecards

Cat Sniper
Funny E-Cards animals, Sheep Rider, humor ecards

Sheep Rider
Funny E-Cards animals, Hands Up Cat, humor ecards

Hands Up
Classic Funny Cards send since 1996.
Funny E-cards, Save the Whale, humor cards

Save the Whale
Funny E-cards, Puppy Love, humor cards

Puppy Love
Funny E-cards, Super Cleaner, humor cards

Super Cleaner
Funny E-cards, Cute Baby, humor cards

Cute Baby
Funny E-cards, the card famous Buba, humor cards

Funny E-cards, Viagra fun cats with laughter and humor

Viagra Cats
Funny E-cards, Worst Job,laughter and humor

Worst Job
Funny E-cards, Handy Baby,laughter and humor

Handy Baby
Funny E-cards, the magical Zebra Painter at work

Zebra Painter
Funny E-cards, Head Up,laughter and humor

Head Up
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 hilarious humor e-card name: using flasherusing flasherusing flasher
 hilarious humor e-card name: dancing parrotdancing parrotdancing parrot

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