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Love E-cards

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Love E-Cards greetings
Love E-Cards it is all about Love and Passion, Wedding, Dating, Poetry, Engagement, Romance, Sensual and Exotic, and best of all the Love E-Cards are free here at Original Cards. You can add MP3 music, Smiley's, Tags with Virtual Kisses and Romantic Poetry using the build in Texteditor.

In this Love E-Cards page, we have 4 kinds of Love E-Cards:
  • Photo love E-Cards, a big selection about love,romance and passion
  • Animated Love E-Cards, animations that also can be seen on Androids or Iphones
  • Video Love E-Cards with a special selection on the love theme
  • Interactive Love E-Cards where the recipient's name will be used, try them!
Note: With interactive e-cards the name "recipient" will be filled in later.

In a few steps you will create the most romantic love E-Cards with MP3 music, create romantic poems with our texteditor, add smileys and special Tags. Select your e-card below, when you made your choice click on the 'Next Step Mail' button at then end of the page to proceed or the logo on the left to see other themes. If you like us please show it by using the like buttons.
All Love E-Cards are compatible with and tested on IPhone, IPad and Android devices.
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Make your choice from the Love E-Cards:
click on the thumbnails to see a preview.
Love cards, Beautiful Fireworks HTML5 animation with the name of the recipent

Named Fireworks
Love cards, the deep kissing, love forever

Love Forever
Love cards, the passionate Moments of Love

Moments of Love
Love cards, the intimate kissing

Intimate Kissing
Love cards, lovers playgound

Sundown passion, Love E-Cards dreaming away with love and romance

Sundown passion
Love cards, the heart a symbol of love

Love cards, cars passing by with mobile kisses

Mobile Kisses
Love cards, a confirmation of love and trust

Love cards, a digital kiss between the lovers

Digital Kisses
Emotional Heart, Love E-Cards your heart is carried by love and passion

Emotional Heart
Love cards, Strangled love grown together

Strangled Love
Love cards, Silhouette of love

Love cards, Love in the touching hands

Touching Hands
Love cards, love and passion on the beachbed

Love cards the Love Bed

Love Bed
Love cards, The Love Childs

Love Childs
Love cards, lovecouple in coffee cream

Coffee Love
Love cards, womans kiss bisexual love

Womans Kiss
Love cards, the waters of love

Waters of Love
A love lounge selection from the Tube Cards
A love lounge selection from the Tubes Cards theme.
Love Ecards, Romantic Emotion and Love romantic

Romantic Emotion and Love
Love Ecards, Romantic love song

The love I found in you
Love Ecards, Cosy de the shadows da lo spunto per un dolce..

The shadows - cosy - love song
Love Ecards, Just for you and so romantic

Just For You 2
Love Ecards, I Love You Celine Dion romantic

I Love You Celine Dion
Love Ecards, A classic ballad...so romantic...reminds me of..

You are my love ...liverpool..
Love Ecards, Chill out Music 2014 Best Selected Mix Vol 1..

Music 2014 Chillout Erotic..
Love Ecards, For your romantic and passionate evening erotic..

Hot Passion Sexy Couples
Love Ecards, forever friends romantic

Keep Me
Love Ecards, Original remastered from elvis presley - romantic..

Love me tender elvis presley..
Love Ecards, Baby I Miss You romantic

Baby I Miss You
Love Ecards, Stay With Me romantic

Stay With Me
Love Ecards, Erotic Lounge

Erotic Lounge
Love Ecards, This is my first installment or attempt at a mix..

Erotic Lounge Essence Deep..
Love Ecards, Chris de burgh - lady in redomg over 2 million..

Chris de burgh - lady in red..
Love Ecards, Deep Desire The Essence Erotic Lounge

Deep Desire The Essence..
Love Ecards, Aint no sunshine when hes gone
 Its not warm..

Jazzamor Aint No Sunshine..
Love Ecards, Sax For Sex 1 Hour Best Erotic Lounge Mix

Sax For Sex 1 Hour Best..
Love Ecards, I Will Carry You Michael W Smith romantic

I Will Carry You Michael W..
Love Ecards, I do not claim to have any rights to the music on..

Alan Jackson Once In A..
Love Ecards, I can wait forever with Air Supply love and..

I can wait forever-air..
Love Ecards, The most romantic song ever you tube people you..

The most romantic song..
Love Ecards, Edit hey would you mind watching my newest amv..

Youre all that I want -..
Love Ecards, No copyright infringment with some of the most..

This I promise you the..
Love Ecards, Seal its a mans mans mans world man worls..

Seal - its a mans mans..
Love Ecards, Absolutely Erotic Lounge

Absolutely Erotic Lounge
Love Ecards, Hear this voice from deep inside Its the call of..

Send Me An Angel Scorpions..
Love Ecards, hq indian hindi hot sexy romantic song janeman..

hq indian hindi hot sexy..
Love Ecards, Erotic Lounge Music  Sex Song

Erotic Lounge Music Sex Song
Love Ecards, note 80 minutes of deep sounds immagini..

Musica Romantica Erotica..

Love, passion ans romance
Love cards the Love Beach

Love Beach
Love cards, Pure Passion

Pure Passion
Love cards, Seal's lovesong Kiss from a Rose

Kiss Rose
Love cards, Bi Passion love

Bi Passion
Love cards, A Passion Rose

Passion Rose
Love cards Swan Dance

Swan Dance
Love cards, Look into my heart and feel the passion

My Passion
Love cards, Cupido and the Arrow of Love

Arrow of Love
Love cards, Rose and Heart

Rose and Heart
Love cards, Our love is exploding like Fireworks

Love Fireworks
Love cards pure love and romance

Pure Romance
Love cards Swan Couple

Swan Couple
Love cards the Love Touch

Love Touch
Love cards the romantic Rose

The Rose
Love cards, Romantic Dreams

Romantic Dreams
Love cards, a beautiful love song Gareth Dunlop and Kim Richey

You and Me
Love cards the clouds move into love position

Love Clouds
Love cards the passion smoke

Love Smoke
Love cards hands make the heart

Love Sign
Love cards passionate hands

Passion Hands
Love cards the wings of love

Love Wings
Love Cards, touching hands in Love

Hands in Love
Love Cards, car moment of love

Car Moment
Love ECards, Bed Love a lovely awakening

Bed Love
Love cards never ending love

Eternal Love
Love cards our magical love forever dedications

Magical Love
Love cards just the two of us postcards

Just Us
Love cards erotic sensual sunset postcards

Sensual Love
Love cards passion our love will is ready to explode

Exploding Love
Love cards ecards our love and passion burns like a fire

Burning Love
Love E-cards, The heart of smoke

Smoking Heart
Love cards, Jem Come on Closer, sweet temptations

Come Closer
Love cards, Touch and Go straight to number one

Touch and Go
Interactive Love cards, Diamonds are forever animation with recipients name blended in

Love cards, the ulitmate lovesong Nights in White Satin the Moody Blues

White Satin
Love ecards, Hypnotize the recipient with this moving heart, the names will be projected

Love greeting e-cards the love is written in the sky

Love Clouds
Love Cards, Close Encounters in Love

Close Encounters
Love Ecards, The moon, Sea and kisses

Moon and Water
Love Ecards, the love gear shows what's behind the passion

Love Gear
Free sensual ecards sensual ecard love

Sensual Love
Free sensual ecards when the sun goes down

Free sensual ecards birds ocean love letter

Love Ocean
Free sensual ecards romantic beach love together

Romantic Beach
Free online love sensual ecard harbour romantic atmosphere

Romantic Atmosphere
Love E-Cards, love and romance on the beach

Beach Passion
Romantic e-cards desert rose

Desert Rose
Romantic e-cards dating day dreaming together

Dating Dream
Romantic e-cards one rose for my special love

One Rose
Love E-cards, So in love, Trust your soul

Trust Soul
E-Cards with love touching hands

Love E-Cards, Clear Intentions of love

Love E-Cards, the City Date

City Love
E-Cards make love

Make Love
E-Cards with love melting together

Melting Together
Love Cards, the coffee date

Coffee Date
Cards with love and passion love is red

Love is Red
Cards with love and passion come to my island

My Island
Cards with love and passion together

Cards with love and passion erotic bodies

Erotic Bodies
Love e-cards our mouths speak love

Touching Lips
Love e-cards more Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Love e-cards thinking of you

Thinking of You
Love e-cards love written in the sand

Sand Sign
Love e-cards looking for your love

Looking Love
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Love E-Cards
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 romantic love and passion e-card name: erotic bodieserotic bodieserotic bodies
 romantic love and passion e-card name: moments of lovemoments of lovemoments of love

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