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Pin-Up Cards also called Bad Girl Art, is an art that started already in 1910, the pictures were also known as cheesecake photos. You can find a lot of Pin-Up greeting ecards here. You can create your own Pin-Up Cards with music, choose your own colors, add smileys and a virtual kiss to your text and your own poems, in a few steps.

In this category: pinups from 4 decades, the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and modern Pin-Up art, erotic and original, cards from famous Pin-Up painters. These pinups are from Greg Hildebrandt, Earl Moran, Anthony Guerra, Rolf Armstrong, Bill Medcalf, Drew Posada, Hajime Sorayama, Mel Ramos and Art Frahm.

What is a Pin-Up? well this is a description: A Pin-Up girl or Pin-Up model is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as pop culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display. Pin-Up girls are often glamour models, fashion models, and actresses.

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Pinups from the fifties, sixties, seventies, beautiful erotic cards.
Click on the Pin-Up card images for a preview.
Betty Page, the most authentic vintage Pin-Up
Pin-Up E-Cards Naughty Betty Page e-cards

Naughty Betty
Pin-Up E-Cards Betty Page standing

Betty Page
Pin-Up E-Cards, With Betty Page in Bed

Betty in Bed
Pin-Up E-Cards Betty Page floorShow

Pin-Up E-Cards Betty Page double fun

Pretty Betty
Marilyn Monroe, the original photos.
Pin-Up E-Cards Marilyn Monroe in a beatiful pose

Marilyn 1
Pin-Up E-cards Marilyn Monroe standing

Marilyn 2
Pin-Up E-cards Marilyn Monroe laying in bed

Marilyn 3
Pin-Up E-Cards Marilyn Monroe naked

Marilyn 4
Pin-Up E-Cards Marilyn Monroe smiling

Marilyn 5
Videos of beautiful pinups and vintage models
Videos of beautiful Pin-Up and vintage models, for a preview click on the images below
Pin-Up Ecards, Vintage fetishism erotic parodies pinup glamour..

Russian Burlesque Queen
Pin-Up Ecards, The sublime unique and Delicious Bernie Dexter on..

Bernie Dexter Rockabilly..
Pin-Up Ecards, Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to the..

Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday..
Pin-Up Ecards, THANK YOU FOR 2000000 VIEWS w Marilyn Monroe..

I Wanna Be Loved By..
Pin-Up Ecards, The Marilyn Monroe Story Rare 1963 Documentary ..

The Marilyn Monroe Story Rare..
Pin-Up Ecards, Update 32213 Please be respectful in your..

Marilyn Monroe
Pin-Up Ecards, Betty page movie of Pinup Model Betty Page..

Notorious Betty Page Movie
Pin-Up Ecards, Bettie Page Nude  Pin-Up

Bettie Page Nude
Pin-Up Ecards, Hot Rod Pinup Girls At El Mirageflv Pin-Up

Hot Rod Pinup Girls At El..
Pin-Up Ecards, Dal film Teaserama con Bettie Page e diretto da..

Bettie Page Tempest Storm..
Pin-Up Ecards, Bettie Page 1950  Pin-Up

Bettie Page 1950
Pin-Up Ecards, Art Frahm Chicago 1907 Fountain Inn North..

Art Frahm
Pin-Up Ecards, Another great pinup artist Bill Medcalf  Song..

Classic Pinup Girls By Bill..
Pin-Up Ecards, The melody or arrangment of this song gave me the..

Andy Williams Canadian Sunset..
Pin-Up Ecards, Bad Girls is a personal fine art erotic..

Bad Girls Fine Art Erotic..
Pin-Up Ecards, Here is another custom pinup drawing created by..

Modern Pinup Art By Igor..
Pin-Up Ecards, Gil Elvgren and Earl Moran are two of my favorite..

Marilyn Monroe And Sexy Pin Up
Pin-Up Ecards, Bettie Page April 22 1923 December 11 2008 was an..

Burlesque And Striptease By..
Pin-Up Ecards, This is a Genuine Erotic Fine Arts Kink Shot in..

Erotic Fetish Pinup Model..
Pin-Up Ecards, A few of my favorite beautiful pin up girls of..

My Favorite Modern Pin Up..
Olivia de Berardinis, the original Pin-Up's.
Pin-Up cards  Olivia pinup e-card

Pin-Up cards Pin-Up Sugar e-card

Pin-Up Sugar
Pin-Up cards Pin-Up Honeydew e-card

Pin-Up cards Pin-Up Orchid e-card

Pin-Up Orchid
Pin-Up cards Pin-Up Peach e-card

Pin-Up Peach
Modern Pin-Up's
Pin-Up cards Pin-Up on boat

Pin-Up Boat
Pin-Up cards Pin-Up in chair

Pin-Up Chair
Pin-Up cards Pin-Up Hollywood

Pin-Up cards Pin-Up in bed with a gun

Pin-Up Gun
Pin-Up cards Pin-Up on couch with red dress

Red Dress
Pin-Up e-cards Pin-Up Mystique

Pin-Up e-cards Red Flash

Red Flash
Pin-Up e-cards Pin-Up Unwinding

Pin-Up e-cards Soraya Pin-Up bottom Up

Bottom Up
Pin-Up e-cards Soraya Pin-Up Lusty Lizz

Lusty Lizz
Art Pin-Up cards from the 60th 70th and 80th
Pin-Up girl cards sexy nylons 70s

Pin-Up girl cards with nice butt 1970 70th

No Slip
Pin-Up girl cards on the floor 80th

Pin-Up girl cards erotic cards 1980 80s

Hey You
Pin-Up girl cards 80th rocket Pin-Up

Naughty Pinups cards Chain Ass

Chain Ass
Pin-Up cards touching pinup e-cards

Pin-Up cards myth

Pin-Up cards laying on bed with a snake

Naughty Pin-Up card licking e-cards

Erotic Pin-Up cards sensual shower

Erotic Pin-Up cards sexy black lack

Sexy Black
Erotic Pin-Up cards with water

Erotic Pin-Up cards wet girls

Erotic Pin-Up cards nice ass and black nylons

Black Nylons
Erotic Pin-Up e-cards Tied Up Bunny

Tied Up
Erotic Pin-Up e-cards hot water beam

Hot Beam
Erotic Pin-Up e-cards sexy twins

Sexy Twins
Erotic Pin-Up e-cards erotic breakfast

Erotic e-cards Liberty statue in bed

Liberty Dream
Art Pin-Up cards from Art Frahm and Bill Medcalf from the fifties and sixties
Pin-Up cards Bill Medcalf 1960 60's my red car

Red Car
Pin-Up free cards Bill Medcalf 1960 60's doggy's dream

Doggy Dream
Pin-Up free cards 1960 60's surfing USA

Surfing USA
Pin-Up cards from 1960 60's waterhose erotic

Pin-Up erotic cards from the 60, waterbottle

Pin-Up cards Art Frahm 1950 Ladies in destress Oops while I was shopping

Pin-Up cards Art Frahm Ladies in destress 1950 Oops while I was waiting

Pin-Up cards Art Frahm Ladies in destress 1950 Oops while I was Bowling

Pin-Up cards Art Frahm Ladies in destress 1950 Oops while I was standing in the bus

Pin-Up cards Art Frahm Ladies in destress 1950 Oops while I was standing at the elevator

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 Pin-Up e-card name: touchingtouchingtouching
 Pin-Up e-card name: sensualsensualsensual

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