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About Harry's Original-Cards
Harry yep that's me Made this site just for you, to send E Cards to friends, family and lovers. Original Cards is online for more then 28 years!

Original Cards was born in 1996 as "Send-A-Card", but it got quite popular and people from all over the world starting to use it. That gave the kick to go on and work on it, and we will add new cards and features like the planned delivery and worldwide tracking. So send your comments and feedback, and most of all, thank you for using it. Unlike others we have a Anti-Spam policy, we hate Spam ourselves so you will not ever get Spam through us and we don't use so called Popups and Popunders.

Original-Cards had about 2500 hits per day in the early years, now we have around one million hits per day, with an average of more than 100.000 real visitors a week we need 4 servers to run the site, that is a nice compliment. We have to fund the site with ads, but we will try to keep the front clean, anyway this hobby is getting pretty expensive so disable your addblocker and click on interesting ads to help us a little..;-)
But for now enjoy and have fun with the one and only Original Cards!!

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1996 - 2024
Original Cards
Original Cards is using safe connections through https now, working on: ability to have a personal portfolio of e-cards and email addresses.
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