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Personal E-cards with your own Photo or Pictures

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Send your own Personal E-Cards
Create E-Cards with your own Photo or Pictures:
E-Cards with your own Photo: Upload or capture your Photo from PC, mobile, tablet or from the Internet.

Use your own Photos or images to create an E-Card. You can use Photos, Images or GIF Animations to create your own personal E-Cards. There are two options: the Photo Uploader to upload your own Photo or Picture or the WebPhoto Creator to use an image from the Internet.
Click here to go to the Original-Cards Photo Uploader and Cropper
Photo uploader & Cropper
Original-Cards Photo Uploader and Cropper
The unique Original Cards Photo-Uploader makes it easy to create your own Personal E-Card with your own Photo or Picture. With functions like the Autosizer Magic Wand and zoom functions to go into details. You can even drag the Photo in the right position with your mouse. The Photo Uploader protects the correct proportion of the image. Your photo should be positioned within the "red square" to make beautiful personal E-cards, try it out and upload your own Photo or Image. Note: the image will be in low res whilst in edit mode and in high resolution in the second phase, click on the image on the left side.
E-Cards with your own images or GIF Animations from the Internet
Click here to go to the Easy Uploader and Cropper for Selfies and Captures
Easy Uploader
Create Selfies with Easy Uploader
The new Original Cards Easy Uploader makes it all easy. You can send Selfie Ecards or Capture a live photo from your WebCam and send it as Ecard. The Easy Uploader is not as advanced as the Photo Uploader and Cropper but has some special features for capturing live photos and to create Selfies with Smartphone or WebCam. Simply upload or capture your photo and use a square to select the right part of the photo, this can also be used to zoom in on details, try it now you can also use it as an uploader, click on the image on the left side.
Click here for the Original-Cards WebPhoto Creator
Webfoto Creator
Original-Cards WebPhoto Creator
With this tool you can use your own photo, picture, or even animation from the Internet for your own personal E-Cards. If you want to send an image or Gif animation from the Internet just paste the link with one click in the URL field and the Webphoto Creator will process your picture in the correct proportions to be used as an E-Card. The WebPhoto creator also checks if the Image is accessible to everyone. Try it out and click on the image on the left side.
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